treeMOTION Evo Harness, Teufelberger
treeMOTION Evo Harness, Teufelberger
treeMOTION Evo Harness, Teufelberger
treeMOTION Evo Harness, Teufelberger

treeMOTION Evo Harness, Teufelberger

$ 764.00 - 855.00

Product description

Ever since its initial launch in 2007, the treeMOTION has wowed its users with exceptional comfort, great range of motion, individual gear loops, great work positioning convenience, and improved distribution of loads as well as by its premium quality materials. It has also become one of the most sought-after climbing harnesses for arborists.

One of its newer features is the PPE approved rear attachment option according to EN 358. It serves mainly as a retaining feature if the user is working bent over forward in the tree. The treeMOTION was tested for a total load of 120 kg.

For the safety of climbers, we arranged a stitched seam at both ends of the rope bridge in order to ensure that the rope ends are long enough beyond the knot. Furthermore, the use of the DMM Axis Swivel S on the rope bridge instead of the ring was tested as well.

At the request of many, the comfortable back padding has now become a standard part of the treeMOTION. This padding has wide flexible grooves that support the dissipation of heat and allow the padding to rest snugly against the wearer's body without creases. The central part of the padding is specifically designed for the lumbar region and provides additional support.

The treeMOTION has been built to cater to the highest demands and expectations. This has been achieved by using a high-strength textile/plastic mixture, best quality hardware, and exchangeable wearing parts such as hip-leg connection, sliding D, and leg loops.
one size fits most

The anticipation is over! The next evolution of the treeMOTION harness is here.
The combination of the new versatile performance features with the comfort and safety that you already know has evolved into the NEW treeMOTION evo.

The treeMOTION evo convinces arborists all over the world of its quality, featuring
NEW multiple bridge variations changed out as required
Multi-color bridges for more safety
more comfort due to a great range of movement,
ergonomic comfort
reduced pressure point due to multi-layer webbing layout
colour coded attachment hardware improves safety multiple options for approved/certified bridge attachment hardware
replaceable back padding
individual gear loops,
great work positioning convenience and
improved distribution of loads, as well as
the use of premium quality materials
Different bridge options are available in different lengths:

knotted rope bridge (125cm and 180cm)
The treeMOTION evo impresses with the high strength textile/plastic mixture used, top-notch hardware and exchangeable wearing parts.
Due to these exchangeable wearing parts the full service life of the harness can be optimally utilized.
The following parts can be exchanged:
Rope bridges, Hip-leg connection, Comfort Back Padding Left and right leg loops, Leg padding & Gear loops


☀ Certified to EU-RL 89/686/EWG for PPE, in dependence on EN 813 and EN 358, & ANSI Z133.1 2012

new version certified to:
Standards: EN813:2008, EN358:1999, ANSI Z133-2017, ASTM F887-16, CSA Z259.1-05, AS/NZS 1891.1:2007

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